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Wallace is a part of the Smiths Group – a global technology company, a world leader in the practical application of advanced technologies.

Origio Humagen

ORIGIO Humagen Pipets has specialized in making microtools since 1992, bringing specialty pipets to IVF and research laboratories. In labs all over the globe, new life is created using Humagen’s precision tools. Humagen has focused all its resources and attention to supplying fertility professionals with quality micropipets based on what our customers want. Humagen offers the largest variety of standard product because they know that preferences vary.

Research Instruments Ltd

Research Instruments Limited is specializing in leading edge technology and medical devices for the fertility field. RI constantly develops products to improve the IVF process or simplify the administration of the IVF process. As a result, RI offers the latest developments in technology through its comprehensive product portfolio.

Origio Mid-Atlantic Diagnostics

ORIGIO MidAtlantic Devices has provided innovative equipment and devices to embryologists and andrologists worldwide. From the very small – the groundbreaking STRIPPER® – to the large complete laboratory set-up.
MidAtlantic Devices owes its success to the recognized quality of its technical service and individualized counseling, and its capacity to adapt products to the specific needs of the clinic.

Irvine Scientific

Irvine Scientific is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of medical devices, including Industrial Cell Culture, Cytogenetic, and Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) products. Irvine Scientific is a large scale producer of advanced and quality cell culture media for the industrial bioprocess and diagnostic markets. The company has extensive experience in the design of culture media leading to significant improvement in biopharmaceutical yield. The company also manufactures media for the medical and stem cell applications.

Clinical Diagnostics

INOVA Diagnostics, Inc.

INOVA is dedicated exclusively to autoimmune diagnostics. INOVA combines administration, R&D and manufacturing under one roof, and therefore is able to offer the customers a reliable and economical solution for all of their autoimmune disease testing needs. Over the years, INOVA has produced innovative, autoimmune disease assays using both novel and “time-tested” methodologies with the single purpose of producing better clinical results to aid patient diagnosis and care.


Chromsystems offers an easy-to-use method for routine clinical diagnostic procedures by introducing reliable, simple applications and an extensive system of customer support. Today, any diagnostic lab can use HPLC for routine applications and obtain precise results, with no specific prior experience required. As well as giving you access to conventional HPLC diagnostic applications, Chromsystems'  also offers you to use special applications for LC-MS/MS such as newborn screening and TDM (therapeutic drug monitoring).

CyberGene AB

CyberGene develops and manufactures ChromoQuant® a CE marked diagnostic kit for detection of aneuploidies in chromosomes 13, 18, 21 and X/Y.


On the basis of the Blood Supply Act, Sanquin is the only organization in the Netherlands authorized to manage their need for blood and blood products.
The Sanquin organization is constantly conducting research and developing new and improved blood products. There is also a constant search to replace the roughly 10% of the donors who become unavailable due to age, pregnancy, illness or relocation.

Genial Genetics

Genial Genetics is focused on delivering innovation in automation and software to genetics and pathology professionals. The MultiPrep Robotic Harvester is the only system available specifically designed to perform cytogenetic sample surface culture harvesting. Careful attention has been given to addressing the shortfalls inherent in all other systems currently in operation for surface culture harvesting, generating a product which is specifically tailored for the requirements of the cytogeneticist.