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BIO-FLASH® Rapid-Response Chemiluminescent Analyzer

BIO-FLASH is a fully automated, random access chemiluminescent analyzer for any autoimmune laboratory.

Wallace - For IVF since 1978

Wallace continues to be the most widely used and highest quality solution that assists people in fulfilling their dream of becoming a parent. Wallace Embryo Replacement TV Channel

RiboCop rRNA Depletion Kit V1.2 (Human/Mouse/Rat)
Efficient elimination of of cytoplasmic and mitochondrial rRNA 
Simple workflow – no enzymatic reactions
Output ready for NGS library prep Down to 1 ng of total RNA input
The most sensitive high-throughput screening plate reader on the market
Whatever your application, the PHERAstar FSX from BMG Labtech will perform it with ease and speed, even in 3456-well microplates.
Sage Science - NGS

The Pippin Prep automates preparative gel electrophoresis for the construction for next gen sequencing libraries. By setting a new standard for sample quality of size-selected DNA, effort is reduced, bioinformatics are improved, and costly sequencing runs are more fully utilized.